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Your sales-boosting coffee expertise programme

Our service package contains:

Quality and know-how

Consistently excellent coffee quality

Location analyses and ongoing support

Constant monitoring of your success

Tried-and-trusted sales support

Lift sales with our sales promotion programme

Training and quality checks

Over 80 years of coffee experience for your POS

A private label from the private roastery

Coffee expertise to enhance your brand

Quality and know-how

Selected coffees – from the bean to the cup

We vouch for the quality of all coffees that we process. We work closely together with selected quality farmers and carry both organic and Fairtrade seals. We can trace the origin of every bean that we process. All of which ensures a unique all-round coffee quality.

Selected coffees with guaranteed origin

Gentle roasting

Drum-roasting coffee gently by hand releases the aromas and ensures an exquisite flavour that is worlds away from standard industrial roasting. As well as this, we roast beans from each origin separately. Our customers always receive individual products that are freshly roasted to order.

Schonende Röstung

Optimum settings for your coffee machine

An excellent coffee is only as good as the quality of its preparation. Our baristas will help you to provide your customers with top quality verified on location – and a unique taste experience that will be reflected in your sales.

In-depth and wide-ranging service

So that your coffee specialities enjoy the sales that they deserve, we will accompany you from the initial location analysis all the way to the product launch. As a customer of our private roastery, you will also benefit from our expert advice on an ongoing basis.

Vollmer Service

Vollmer Service

Vollmer Service

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Tried-and-trusted sales support

Lift sales with our sales promotion programme

Vollmer Verkaufsunterstützung

Vollmer Verkaufsunterstützung

Vollmer VerkaufsunterstützungVollmer POS

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Training and quality checks

Over 80 years of coffee experience for your POS

So that the full taste of our quality products can come to the fore, we will assist you in training your staff and optimising the settings of your coffee machines on location. We know from experience that your customers will taste the difference. In our barista training, we explain to your staff in easy steps how they can offer a consistently high quality of tea and coffee on a daily basis.

Our coffee experts will assist you in optimising the machine settings for the specific product range – from examining the hardness of the water to the grinding degree and pressure settings. We also carry out regular quality checks on request so that you can be sure of consistently high coffee quality at all times.


Roughly 98% of a cup of coffee consists of water. For the best possible coffee, we recommend soft water that is rich in oxygen and low in limescale.


The ideal water temperature is between approximately 90 °C and 96 °C.

Grinding degree

Each type of coffee and method of preparation calls for coffee and water to come into contact for a different amount of time. The grinding degree influences the optimum extraction of the coffee aroma.


Having an optimum and, above all, a constant brewing pressure of 9 to 10 bars ensures that espresso is neither too watery nor too bitter. Good espresso has a syrupy consistency with a hazelnut-brown crema.

The Vollmer POS training programme

We provide coffee and tea training for your staff and optimise the machine settings to your coffee type and in-house set-up. This will bring out the full taste of our premium products – your customers will taste the difference!

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