Excellent green coffees are grown in regions around the equator. We source a wide variety of sustainably grown coffee types. These include all kinds of “arabicas” grown in regions anywhere from 400 to 3,200 metres above sea level, and “robustas”, which grow in regions between 300 and 900 metres above sea level. It is crucial for us to have complete trust in the work of our longstanding suppliers, including those in the growing regions. This means that we have had close contact with farmers for years, in some cases through regular personal visits. In many cases, the smaller the plantation, the more informal the atmosphere and the nature of the collaboration. We set particularly great store by resolute sustainability. This also includes fair trade conditions for coffee farmers in the source regions. Good returns allow farmers to invest in product quality and good working conditions.

Vollmer coffee has both a Fairtrade and organic seal. Organic coffees are produced with as little strain on the environment as possible. Of course, this also safeguards the lasting product quality of the coffees grown on these plantations. “Origin” is a term that is central to Vollmer’s company philosophy. This includes a sense of responsibility for people and nature in the growing regions And ensures that, unlike the many large-scale roasters on the market, we can trace the origin of all the coffee that we roast. This also singles out sustainability as the point of departure for Vollmer coffee’s exceptional quality and its ethical values. After all, only when the green coffee is of impeccable quality can it create a drink with an outstanding taste that you can enjoy with a good conscience and the greatest of pleasure.

“We know the origin of every bean we roast. Sustainable product quality is not just an empty buzzword for us.”

Matthias Peters

Vollmer carries the Fairtrade seal

  • Better prospects for producer families through minimum prices that guarantee their existence
  • Medical care and training for new perspectives
  • Prohibition of illegal child labour
  • Environmentally compatible growing methods
  • Maintaining biodiversity in the tropical rainforests
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