Coffee blends in certified artisanal quality

We know the origin of every bean we roast. Through our longstanding partnerships with farmers, we can rest assured that both quality and working conditions meet the required standards. Resolute sustainability and fair trade are our guiding principle here. Coffee, caffè crema or espresso are available in our product range – either with or without organic certification.

A private label for you

As well as established classics in the Vollmer product range, we develop individual private labels for bakeries, hotels and food services. Our coffee specialists create special roast blends for customers with their own packaging design. We deliver freshly roasted coffee of a consistently high and certified quality. Many renowned customers swear by our expertise in everything from roasting to packaging and distribution. Why not consider the many advantages of having your own coffee blend? We would be happy to advise you.

Vollmer carries the Fairtrade seal

  • Better prospects for producer families through minimum prices that guarantee their existence
  • Medical care and training for new perspectives
  • Prohibition of illegal child labour
  • Environmentally compatible growing methods
  • Maintaining biodiversity in the tropical rainforests
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Exquisite tea for every taste

Our wide range of tea includes choice blends of herbal, rooibos, green and black teas. This includes, for example, flowery-fresh organic Darjeeling, tangy Earl Grey, aromatic Sencha and spicy chai. The pyramid-shaped bag allows the tea’s flavour and aroma to come to full fruition.

Vollmer Libertee

Vollmer Dunkel Blondes Gold

Chocolatey mood maker

A chocolatey treat for the senses and the soul – we provide our discerning customers with drinking chocolate for direct consumption with hot milk or for use in vending machines or dispensers.

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